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You may be wondering if we can help you with what your pain. Maybe you're skeptical and you have questions you want answered. We understand! We would be happy to talk with you to help you make a decision about your care, so you can be 100% sure in your decisions. Click the link above to request to speak to a specialist physical therapist.

Not sure if physical therapy is right for you? If you have specific questions and want a solid answer back, this is a chance to sit down face-to-face with a specialist physical therapist. If you want to know if we can help you with your specific problem and discover if we're a good fit for you, click the link above to request your Discovery Session.

* Are you worried, confused or skeptical about what can be done about your pain or your limited mobility?
* Are you concerned that if you don’t find some relief you may have to resort to pain pills, injections or surgery and you want to avoid those at all cost?
* Have you tried treatment options that didn’t work, and are you afraid of making the same mistake again?
* Is your pain interfering with your enjoyment of life?

 physical therapist

Hi, I’m Justine Calderwood.

I help women and men with chronic pain feel better and move easier, regardless of how long ago it started. I also help women through stages of motherhood, from preconception to pregnancy to postpartum care so they can fully enjoy life. I offer an outside-the-box, holistic approach to physical therapy that values you as a whole. I desire to partner with you in your care and I look forward to helping you reach your goals. To get started, choose the option above that is best for you.

Interested in Getting our Help?

Watch this Video to See How We've Helped People Just Like You!

If you have back, neck or chronic pain, download a free guide to get started right away. Inside you'll learn valuable tips to get you on the fast-track to feeling better and moving easier so you can enjoy life again.

Postpartum Checklist
  • What optimal postpartum healing looks like
  • When can you return to exercise
  • Easy way to check for Diastasis Recti at home
  • What you should be aware of after giving birth
  • How to know when to contact your provider
  • Postpartum healing – going beyond the six weeks
Ease Neck Pain
  • What ONE thing you can change right now to start feeling better
  • Why your pain may be stemming from somewhere other than your neck
  • Easy, trade secret strategies that work to ease tension in the head, neck and shoulders, that use little to no equipment
  • The #1 change to your nightly routine that can get you better sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and decrease your daytime fatigue
Low Back Pain
    • Simple, trade secret strategies that work to ease pain in the low back and hips, PLUS you’ll receive a bonus video that shows you exactly how to help yourself
    • The #1 thing you can do for yourself to relieve your pain and improve your energy level that won’t cost you a dime
    • ​The 15-min routine that will quick-start your healing process that can be done easily at home
Ease Chronic Pain
  • The #1 self-treatment tool and how to use it to feel better and move easier again
  • Insider tips on ways to work through chronic, unresolved pain so you can enjoy life more
  • Tips that you likely haven’t tried before to resolve your long-term pain
  • Ways to ease pain that can help to reduce or eliminate the need for medications, injections or surgery


Look What People Just Like You Are Saying About Healing Spot Physical Therapy

​”I became terrified to go to regular physical therapy.  Having an extremely painful degenerative condition, it usually caused more pain, and most of the time more damage. Justine has a very gentle hands-on approach. She makes you feel really comfortable and safe, which for me is a huge thing, because physical therapy for me was scary.”    ~Jess

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