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2-Therapist Treatment Offers Unique Experience

2-Therapist Treatment Offers
Unique Experience

by Justine Calderwood, MSPT

“Make a Wish” This was said in humor but in all honesty having two skilled therapists doing Myofascial Release on you is AMAZING!

​For those people suffering from long-standing, complex, or widespread pain, this picture is heavenly.  Imagine yourself on the table in this picture.  Can you feel your chest opening, your shoulders releasing, a soft melting reaching into your upper back, shoulder blades, and base of your neck?  Can’t you just FEEL your tension easing?

The gentle, unhurried lengthening of your muscles, taking pressure off your joints and nervous system, and allowing you to breathe a little easier and be more aware of those stuck areas of your body you’ve spent far too long ignoring?   When you become AWARE of a stuck area you are then in a position of power to CHOOSE to do something about it.  You can choose to soften and melt, or you can choose to continue to brace and hold against whatever has been there all along.

Got shoulder or upper back pain?  Imagine yourself on the table, with two therapists doing gentle arm pulls to  release the tension in your arms, shoulders, upper back and shoulder blades. Does your lower back “go out”? Imagine one therapist holding both of your feet and the other gently cradling your head, both gently elongating those stuck areas in your spine that have been compressed for months, or even years.  Got headaches?  Imagine one therapist releasing the cranial bones to allow a decrease in pressure throughout your head, while the other is opening the upper chest to create a better flow between your head and the rest of your spine.  Got bilateral knee pain that limits walking?  Imagine one therapist gently releasing each knee to restore your ability to bend and straighten your knees so you can walk safely and easily.

What does your body need?  Where would you position two therapists to help you feel better and move easier in your body? Let us know by filling out an inquiry form, telling us all about you and how long you’ve been suffering.  Maybe we can offer a solution and a transformation for you, too. 

It’s called 2-Therapist Myofascial Release.   Two therapists working simultaneously for a one-of-a-kind treatment, tailored to what your body needs at the moment. Two therapists working toward one goal: helping you feel better and move easier.  This unique experience is available at our clinic. 

Sound like something you would like? 

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Justine Calderwood, PT, MSPT, owner and physical therapist at The Healing Spot Physical Therapy, LLC in Woodland Park, CO specializes in helping people with chronic and complex pain, post-trauma and acute injuries feel better and move easier.  Justine spends 60 minutes or more of one-on-one time with each person and believes in educating her patients about their condition and what they can do in-between sessions to get the most out of their care.  She delivers high-quality hands-on care to help people get back to work, sleep better, enjoy recreational activities and return to an active lifestyle.  The Healing Spot Physical Therapy, LLC serves the communities of Woodland Park, Divide, Florissant, Green Mountain Falls, Cascade, Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Call for your free phone consultation at 719.270.1123.

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