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June 2019

Just another part of our body that can cause us pain - the neck. Whether it’s a knot from sleeping wacky the night before or a pain that’s been pretty consistent lately, having a stiff and tense neck can leave you feeling restricted in more ways than one. It shouldn’t hurt to look both ways when crossing the street or when you’re looking down to keep an eye on your little one. Check out these tips to see if they can relieve your neck pain. 1. Check if you’re breathing correctly Yes, that’s right! You should not be breathing from your tummy but drawing out that breath from your diaphragm. Don’t puff out your belly and don’t breathe from your upper body. Draw that breath down and in. You can check this by lying down somewhere  flat, placing one hand on your chest and

Lower back pain is far more common than we think. Stop for a second right now and listen to your back. Are you sitting or standing? Is there any discomfort in your lower back - even a little bit? If the answer is yes, then you are one of the many that are experiencing lower back pain. This pain can cause daily annoyances and discomfort. No one wants to dread bending over to pick something up in fear of feeling that slight pain - life’s too short! Luckily, there are ways to combat this pain and to possibly make it disappear altogether. 1. Stretching There are many stretches you can do to help relieve lower back discomfort. These stretches don’t just include stretching the lower back but other parts of your body as well. Your hip flexors, pelvic floor, inner thighs, and even