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6 Ways to Ease Pregnancy Pain

Pregnancy Pain Relief

Pregnancy can be painful – duh!

No one needed to tell you that. Not only are you prepping for your new little one, but you have pregnancy pain to deal with.

There are some pains that come with pregnancy that can be annoying. For example, those migraines that won’t go away or that heartburn – let’s not even talk about it! Other pains are located in your lower back, SI joint, tailbone, and/or pubic symphysis. Not to mention the overlying anxiety about delivery itself.

Well, some of these pains can be subdued or even avoided altogether!

1. Pay attention to your day-to-day body movements

Bend at the waist, avoid twisting, and evenly distribute your weight.

How you move your body throughout the day should be something you pay close attention to.

Picking up miscellaneous items around the house? Make sure you are using your hips, not your back. Bend at the waist, avoid twisting, and evenly distribute your weight.

You know that one trip of groceries you try to make from the car to the kitchen? Well, make sure you have equally distributed weight in both of your hands.

However, you are carrying a tiny human in you! Ask for help as needed when it comes to lifting and carrying.

2. Strengthen your muscles…

…specifically, the stabilizing muscles.

Clamshell Exercise Bridge Exercise

You can do this by doing Kegels and reverse Kegels to specifically strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Always be mindful of your pelvis and your hips, and how they’re moving. Watch my video before starting Kegels.

Other muscle groups to work are the glutes, hamstrings, lats, and transverse abdominals.

3. Watch your posture

Sit with an even weight. Pretend like your mother is still sitting with you at the dinner table with you and constantly reminding to ‘sit up in your seat’. But make sure to find a happy medium between slouching and hyperextending your back. We all like to look like classy ladies but crossing your legs is a no-go. Crossing your legs can put strain on your pubic symphysis. Keep your feet flat on the floor, knees apart and at a 90 degree angle.

Stand with an even weight as well. Again, no hyperextending when it comes to the knees and no slouching.

4. Adapt some new bedtime habits

Sleep w/ pillows between knees

Getting in and out of bed might seem like a no-brainer. However, it can greatly affect your pubic symphysis. When getting in or out of bed, roll to one side of your body first then sit up. Also, sleep with pillows between your knees if pain continues around this area.

5. Stretch

If you are sitting a lot throughout the day, it may be beneficial to start stretching.

One technique is to sit on the ground with your back on the floor. Stick your feet up and against a wall. This stretches out the spinal tissue in your back and is restorative for your legs, too. Add a drop of Lavender essential oil to your neck and low back and you’ll be feeling more relaxed in no time.

6. Get a prenatal assessment

(Don’t worry, this is a good test)

Give her a sense of what her body is able and capable of doing

Going in to get a prenatal assessment can help relieve those pre-birth butterflies. Get a look at any asymmetries in the pelvis and get them fixed. You can also check for the baby’s position and be sure your little one is able to move fully in your growing belly. Getting a prenatal assessment is a great way to reassure that your body can take on this miracle of life. But, just because it’s a miracle, doesn’t mean it is easy and painless. Pelvic physical therapists can help strengthen muscles, relieve pain, and teach you some specific things you can work on at home that will help with your childbirth. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in relieving the pregnancy pain. You may not be able to tackle all of them, but avoiding a few can help you focus more on enjoying the experience of pregnancy.

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