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About Us

We Can Help If You

  • Are worried, confused or skeptical about what can be done about your pain or your limited mobility.​
  • Are concerned that if you don’t find some relief you may have to resort to pain pills, injections or surgery and you want to avoid those at all cost.
  • Have tried treatment options that didn’t work, and you don’t want to make the same mistake again.​​​
  • Have pain that interferes with your enjoyment of life.

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A Note from Justine Calderwood, Specialist Physical Therapist

“I’ve been in your shoes.  Not really missing out on any particular activity, but dealing with constant, nagging pain and tension that had a way of sucking the enjoyment out of my life.  Constant pressure and ache in the form of daily, unrelenting headaches and muscle tension in my shoulders and neck.  Pain that even trickled down to my low back, and demanded attention, making it hard to ignore while working, spending time with family and friends, and even when vacationing.  I worried that it would never go away and I lost hope because the physicians, specialists, medications, injections, over the counter meds, rest, exercise and stretches, and even dental work didn’t help me.  I finally discovered a gentle, hands-on approach that started unraveling years of restriction, tension and pain and uncovering the root cause of my issue.  That’s when things started to change! And that’s why I’m passionate about helping you.  I want you, too, to feel great, get the most out of your life and not be worried by your pain.”

~Justine Calderwood, MSPT


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