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Previously, I have shared my journey towards identifying birth trauma and the start of healing. If you missed it, check out my blog post here. Today, I will summarize what classifies as birth flow disruptions and signs of lingering birth trauma.


Disruptions in the Birth Flow can happen with any of these scenarios:

  • Cesarean Birth
  • Birth where mom wasn’t able to do what she wanted
  • Epidural or Medications
  • Medical interventions such as Vacuum or Forceps Delivery
  • Transfer to Hospital
  • Internal Checks
  • Medical Issues with Baby and/or Mom Right After Birth
  • Incidents where Baby and Mom are Separated

Telltale Signs of Lingering Birth Trauma:

  • Body or Pelvic Disconnect
  • Altered Body or Pelvic Sensations
  • Not Taking Care of Yourself
  • Avoiding Sexual Intimacy
  • Anxiety Attacks
  • Poor Eye Contact
  • Inattentive to Baby
  • Depressed or Major Mood Swings
  • Distracted or Spacey
  • Not Feeling in the Present Moment
  • Recurrent or Obtrusive Thoughts
  • Disconnected from Partner
  • Hypertonic Pelvic Floor (tightness)
  • Vaginal Guarding or Absence

The Issues are in the Tissues

FasciaAs a holistic physical therapist who specializes in helping women and men peel away and heal layers of trauma, abuse, and chronic pain, I urge you to seek help if you are ready to feel better. There’s a saying among bodyworkers like myself that the “Issues are in the Tissues.”


What that means is that mental and emotional pain and trauma can manifest as physical pain, called tissue memory. The way to heal this completely is to gently release the physical tissues of the body. I successfully facilitate healing through a gentle form of bodywork called Myofascial Release. When working with postpartum moms who have suffered from birth trauma,  Pelvic Mapping and Realigning the Birth Field are other beneficial approaches to help moms feel better again. If you suspect you’re suffering from Birth Trauma, these interventions may help you bring balance back to your system. They allow you to reconnect with the present moment so you can feel better again.


Where do I go now?

Postpartum Checklist


To find a John Barnes’ trained Myofascial Release Therapist, Search the MFR Directory.

To find a Birth Healing Specialist, Search the Institute for Birth Healing Directory.  

If you have immediate concerns about the impact that trauma has had on your life, please reach out to an EMDR- Trained Therapist.

I invite you to download my Free Postpartum Checklist for self-care tips or Schedule a Phone Consultation to discuss your unique concerns.

Justine Calderwood, MSPT is a holistic physical therapist who is passionate about helping women and men with chronic pain feel better and move easier to overcome trauma, injury, and surgery. She helps women during and after pregnancy to prepare their bodies for smoother births and recover afterwards so they can feel their best while caring for baby. She wants to help you discover the hidden clues to your physical pain, unravel the kinks, and guide you toward authentic healing, regardless of how long you’ve been suffering. Schedule a Discovery Session to see if Justine is the right fit for you as you strive for a happy, balanced, active life.

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