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What We Do Better

The Healing Spot is different than other Physical Therapy clinics you’ll find down the street. Each session is customized to your body and to your goals. Rarely will you receive the same treatment twice. We are always assessing and customizing your care to what your body needs each session to reach your goals.

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open birth pattern

Open Birth Pattern

Moms, are you struggling with postpartum? Maybe your body still thinks it’s birthing. Could you be experiencing an Open Birth Pattern? What is an Open

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Budget for Birth

When we become pregnant it’s almost like we’re unstoppable – we focus on eating well and healthy, we care about how clean the environment we’re

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Justine Calderwood

The Healing Spot Physical Therapy

"We Help Individuals Overcome Pelvic Floor Issues, And Heal Bowel & Bladder Conditions So They Can Be Active And Pain Free Again, Regardless Of How Long It's Been"