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Under Construction by Justine Calderwood, MSPT Ever feel like your life is under construction? Like everything is in an uproar?  Like things aren’t going right and you just want it to get back to normal? Maybe you’ve noticed that construction is necessary for progress.  Maybe you’ve noticed it’s accompanied by growth and healing.Let me share a story or two about construction and healing. ​My house has been under construction for the past month as we add on a family room.  This means there is a huge pile of dirt where they dug the foundation sitting RIGHT by the stairs we use to get to the main part of our house.  There’s a porta-potty just beyond that for the construction crew to use.   My parking spot has shifted

Comparisons Aren't on the Path to Healing by Justine Calderwood, MSPT It seems our brain is always trying to "figure things" out and "rationalize" everything.  What would it be like to just stop, quiet your mind for a little while and FEEL into things?  What would your BODY say?  Where would you feel the pain of past trauma or injury?  See, we have a natural tendency to want to analyze, figure out and make sense of the events of our lives and our stories.  What if you could release some of your trauma simply by your willingness to feel into it?  What if you didn't need an explanation?  If you didn't need to attach to the story in order to heal from it?  What if by simply FEELING

Don't Take It Personally by Justine Calderwood, MSPT This stings. When you feel less than worthy, unimportant, un-loved, criticized, ridiculed or unsupported through your interactions with others, do you question yourself? Do you take it personally? What if it's how the person feels about themselves and it's got NOTHING to do with you? Maybe perhaps it would be easier to remain loving and kind toward yourself.I learned about not taking things personally through Miguel Ruiz's book The Four Agreements.  It's a paradigm shift to learn this agreement and begin to use it in your daily life.  Adopting this "rule" may save you needless suffering in life, too.  Click here to learn more about don Miguel Ruiz. ​This

Easy Tips to Relieve Neck ​ ​and Upper Back Tension by Justine Calderwood, MSPT If you suffer from neck, shoulder or upper back pain or tension, try these tips and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.  Use these easy tips to open up the chest, pectoral muscles and front of the neck, which are common culprits of neck and upper back tension, due to their role in maintaining an upright posture.     Shown is how to use a 4" diameter, small inflatable ball placed in the mid-thoracic spine, near the shoulder blade muscles, to perform a self-Myofascial Release to the chest, front of neck and shoulders.  After placing the ball in position, simply open your arms into a "T" or "Y" position to target different fibers of the pectoral muscles and fascia of the shoulders and chest.  Allow your body

2-Therapist Treatment OffersUnique Experience by Justine Calderwood, MSPT "Make a Wish" This was said in humor but in all honesty having two skilled therapists doing Myofascial Release on you is AMAZING! ​For those people suffering from long-standing, complex, or widespread pain, this picture is heavenly.  Imagine yourself on the table in this picture.  Can you feel your chest opening, your shoulders releasing, a soft melting reaching into your upper back, shoulder blades, and base of your neck?  Can't you just FEEL your tension easing?The gentle, unhurried lengthening of your muscles, taking pressure off your joints and nervous system, and allowing you to breathe a little easier and be more aware of those stuck areas of your body you've spent far too long ignoring? 

10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking For a Physical Therapist by Justine Calderwood, MSPT Are you currently looking for a physical therapist so you can feel better again or move easier?  Is an injury or trauma preventing you from enjoying the things you used to, making you feel tense, sore, or limited in life?  Are you worried that if you don't do something about it then things might get worse?  ​At the Healing Spot Physical Therapy we recognize that you have a choice when it comes to choosing your physical therapist, so we compiled a list of questions that you can ask yourself when choosing a provider.   Regardless of which physical therapy clinic your physician or surgeon recommends, it's ultimately your choice to decide who you want to hire to help you return to

Migraine Relief by Justine Calderwood, MSPT Got Migraines? Watch this video to discover how Specialized Physical Therapy in the form of Myofascial Release can give you the relief you've been searching for! If you've been suffering for longer than 6 weeks with migraine or headache pain, and are tired of missing work, hiding away for hours or days on end, and missing out on life with those you love

What Do You do? by Justine Calderwood, MSPT It is a simple enough question:​"What do you do?"Me: “I do Physical Therapy”. ​Translation: I help people who are in pain feel better.  I help people who have limited mobility move easier (such as walking, hiking, getting out of bed, playing with kids, cycling, climbing stairs, reaching into overhead cupboards, getting out of a chair, running, walking in your home without holding onto furniture, squatting to get something off the floor, getting dressed, styling your hair