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The Body's Connections by Justine Calderwood, MSPT      About a month ago I got a call from a gentleman who wanted to book a massage.  He had gotten my number from a friend of his wife, who told him that I help people who are in pain.  We talked a little while so I could determine what was going on that he was needing a massage.  His lower back was really bothering him and he was desperate for some relief.  I didn’t want to mislead him…I’m not a Massage Therapist.  There is some overlap of what I do and what my massage therapist friends do, so perhaps I would be able to help him.  The thing is, though, when I explained that I was a Physical Therapist and that I was confident

Shifting the Focal Point "What will it look like when you reach your goal?" This is a ​"Wisdom of Myofascial Release Inspiration Card", created by fellow MFR therapist Karla Quello. I have this particular one hanging in the office and just last week I discussed this message with a patient. You see, in my experience 99% of people who seek out physical therapy treatment do so because they are in pain

Breaking Old Agreements by Justine Calderwood, PT, MSPT ​      I started reading (again) The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  I’m working my way through this incredible book slowly, one agreement at a time, in order to take the time to sit with the information and implement it.  I’m re-reading it because the first time around I read the information and may have even used part of it, but now I’m trying to absorb it on a deeper level and really put it into practice. ​         The First Agreement is “Be Impeccable with your Word”.  In the words of the author, “what you dream, what you feel, and what you really are, will all be manifested through the word”.  He likens the word to magic….white magic or black magic…..depending on

             Self-Treatment for Lower Back Pain                                             By Justine Calderwood, PT, MSPTWhen it comes to low back pain, many people falsely believe that it stems solely from tight back muscles and/or tight hamstrings.  I have seen many people suffering from low back pain come into the clinic, and after checking their motion, find that they can bend forward and place their hands on the floor and their hamstring flexibility is normal.  These are people that have tried back stretches (such as hugging their knees to their chest, and/or stretching their hamstrings) without relief from their pain.​What is often over-looked is the role that the hips play in contributing to low back pain.  Tightness and soft-tissue

  5 Quick and Easy Things to Do When You Have Neck Pain by Justine Calderwood, PT, MSPT When you have neck pain it can be difficult to get a good night's sleep, drive, and work at your desk or computer.  What can you do RIGHT NOW to get some relief? 1) Check your pillow and see how well it supports your neck while you are sleeping.  If you are a side-sleeper, make sure your pillow isn't too fluffy or too flat