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Self Healing Workshops

We offer a variety of Workshops and Small Group Classes, aimed at educating you about your body and natural ways to support your desire to be active.

Look for our FREE Educational Workshops on the Low Back, Neck and Pelvis, where you can learn about the #1 Cause of Your Pain and What to Do About It.

Perhaps you would be interested in attending a Small Group Class, such as our Release! Pain Workshops where we teach about Myofascial Release, a whole-body approach to releasing the body and mind. During class we use a variety of self-treatment tools and therapeutic movement, infused with therapeutic grade essential oils. Our Release! classes are designed so you can feel great and move easier in a small-group setting, where you will join like-minded people and receive guidance by a specialist physical therapist.

We also offer Essential Oil Educational Classes so you can learn about living a non-toxic, healthy lifestyle. Essential oils and essential oils-infused products, such as cleaning supplies, personal care products, and nutritional supplements, can support your wellness routine: body, mind and spirit. We have teamed up with Mountain Naturals in Woodland Park to offer classes in their convenient learning area. We even offer online classes via our Zoom classroom and on Facebook.

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Release! Workshop Series

Got Pain? Stiffness? Feeling Stressed?
Learn the gentle art of Myofascial Release to release tension, stiffness and pain to move easier in your body and reach a more relaxed state of mind. This self-care class is taught by physical therapist Justine Calderwood, from The Healing Spot. She will guide you through a gentle flow of stretching, release with a small therapeutic ball and foam rollers, and therapeutic movement so you can find ease in your body. Therapeutic grade essential oils will be woven into class for a truly remarkable sensory experience.

Master Class Schedule

Look What Students Said After Attending Our Workshops

“I liked class because it gave me time to unwind and listen to my body. It was relaxing and made me aware of my body’s needs. I loved how you integrated essential oils!”  ~ Steff P.

“I really liked your encouragement during class. I feel more relaxed.”  ~Barb S.

“I liked how relaxing class was and the tools that were taught to release. ~Amanda G.

“I like the relaxed atmosphere and self-help techniques. It’s something that we can do ongoing for ourselves. I would recommend class because it’s a great tool to keep your body flexible.” ~Deb B.

“I liked the intro to Myofascial Unwinding. I now have less hip and back pain after completing the four-week workshop.” ~Ginger S.

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