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Who should contact…

The ones who want to heal.

I help those who need help. I can help a power lifter who wants to deadlift 450 pounds just as easily as I can help an elderly woman who is healing from early years of child sexual abuse. I can truly help anyone who wants to heal.

My passion—what really sets me on fire—is helping the people who have constant pain, tension, or tightness in one or more areas of their body. Too often they don’t know why they have pain, or they attribute it to one symptomatic area and don’t see it as the result of a whole-body issue.

It is my joy to serve the ones that know they have to do the work for wholeness. These men and women understand that it will require change and perhaps a deep look inward. It will call for time and newly discovered routines built around taking care of themselves. It may even lead to some glorious but messy healing work.

I want to help those fiercely motivated women and men who are tired of being run-down—those unique individuals ready to make real changes in their lives. I am devoted to people who are willing to learn and explore-patiently but surely waiting for their answers and insights to come.

If you are one of these special and motivated people…contact me today.

We're Located in Downtown Woodland Park, Colorado

If you have questions use the form below to contact us. In Colorado you do NOT need a prescription or a referral from your physician to be seen by a physical therapist. We'd even be happy to check on your insurance benefits before you commit to anything!


Conveniently located in the heart of Woodland Park at the corner of West St and Henrietta Ave, right behind Cafe Leo. Find us by entering the main building straight up from the front steps (or take the ramp), and our office is the first one on the Right. There is ample parking in the parking lot or on the street.