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Chronic Pain Treatment

Are you or Someone You Love Suffering from Chronic or Unresolved Pain?

Inside you will find:

  • The #1 self treatment tool I recommend and how to use it to feel better and move easier again
  • Insider tips on ways to work through chronic, unresolved pain so you can enjoy life more
  • Tips that you likely haven’t tried before to resolve your long-term pain
  • Real solutions to pain relief so you can return to the things you love faster

If you could feel better in the weeks ahead, what value would that add to your life?  Picture yourself reaching your goals and ridding yourself of the tightness, worry and stress you feel right now.  How would that feel?  If you’re ready, let’s get started so your pain doesn’t get any worse and you can get on with life!

If your Chronic Pain is Urgent, Choose the Option that Works Best for You

A Note from Justine Calderwood, Specialist Physical Therapist

This guide is for the person suffering from chronic or unresolved pain that is interfering with daily life.
Perhaps you have shoulder or hip pain. Or widespread pain that spreads to multiple areas of your body. Maybe you are experiencing tingling, or stabbing pain that radiates into your hands or feet, making it difficult to walk around your house, or worse yet, to hike or run.  The kind of pain that interferes with work and makes you worried about what’s wrong, if it will go away, or if it’s just going to get worse. 

I help a lot of people transform their chronic pain and I hear all too often the worry about taking pain pills or resorting to injections that have mixed results.  I want to help you avoid having to take medications long term and it’s my deepest desire to assist you back to the things you love to do in life.

Maybe you’re dealing with pain that grabs you when you move or limits your ability to take care of yourself, your family, or your home. Pain that stops you from working out, limits your ability to travel or even enjoy time with your kids and spouse.

I get that you’re busy and you don’t have time for pain.  You have to take care of your family and it’s becoming increasingly hard to ask your loved ones for help.  You just want things to be like they used to be when you could move like you wanted to, for as long as you wanted. You want to play with your kids, camp, hunt, ride your bike, go to yoga class, walk your dog, and get out on the trails, lakes and mountain side.  You want your independence back and you want to feel better so you can enjoy life again.

I wrote this guide to give you some insider’s tips for easing chronic pain naturally.  It’s based on my professional expertise AND personal experience.  And it’s available to you….for free.

Here’s to you and getting you back to your active life!


Look Who Else Came in For Specialist Treatment from Healing Spot Physical Therapy and Left Feeling More Active and Happy...In Just a Few Weeks

Lisa, Community Relations Consultant




Mike, Computer Sales Rep




Patti, Retired Physical Therapist, Non-Profit Volunteer