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Myofascial Release


At The Healing Spot we practice the Myofascial Release Therapy as pioneered and developed through the Physical Therapy genius of John F. Barnes PT. This whole body treatment focuses on the release of Fascial Restrictions that can put extreme pressure (amazingly, up to 2,000 pounds per square inch) on many of the critical pain centers of the body. Fascia itself is a very tough, very thin tissue that creates a 3-dimensional web of connection that covers, connects, and protects every muscle, skeletal element, nerve, and cell in your body. This tissue is far too tough to be forced to transform, but is quite open and yielding to natural release under the gentle and specific pressures by therapists trained in advanced Myofascial Release Techniques. 

To get more information about Myofascial Release, go to www.myofascialrelease.com

Myofascial Release
``Fascial Restrictions Create Malalignment of the Body”

Reprinted with Permission from RSI T/A John F Barnes

A Note from Justine Calderwood, Specialist Physical Therapist

I have completed extensive training in the John F Barnes Myofascial Release Approach under the direction of John himself. I look forward to guiding you through your own healing journey using this gentle, yet powerful approach to bring balance back to your body and mind.

I have found Myofascial Release to be effective and superior to traditional massage and stretching. Restrictions in fascia can put up to 2000 pounds of pressure and strain on the body and cause symptoms that don’t seem to be related, and it can’t be forced to release. The good news is that it can be changed, but it requires patience and a gentle approach; waiting at the barrier and allowing the body to soften, which leads to more permanent change. I use Myofascial Release principles when teaching patients about the unique strain and bracing patterns that have developed in their bodies from injuries, trauma, and posture and together we work on releasing them to relieve pain, tension and tightness.

Not only do I use Myofascial Release in individual treatment sessions, but I teach a variety of self-care classes using MFR principles. Check out the Classes Page to view my current class schedule.



2 - Therapist Myofascial Release Sessions

Two sets of skilled hands focused on unraveling your pain and tension for a unique, relaxing experience. Inquire about Cost and Availability by using the link above.


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