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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About The Healing Spot Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs, CO...

Kelsey B,

Mother of 2, Online Client

“Telehealth physical therapy…will this really work? I’ll admit I was skeptical that a Telehealth session would be as effective as in-person, particularly because of Justine’s focus on energy and leading me to my sticky spots. I doubted that I could find the right headspace in my home to release and wasn’t confident in my own ability to get to the sticky spots without hands on my body to assist.”

Caitlin G,

Mother of 2

I first sought out Justine when we moved to Woodland Park from Florida. I was just over a year postpartum, loved being a mama, but I had headaches and body pains that were becoming more and more frequent. I was also seeking to continue recovery from a prolapse and tight, but weak pelvic floor after birthing my son. Emotionally, I felt like my body was falling apart and failing me more and more often.”

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