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Who We Help

Who We Help

  • Educated healthcare consumers who are looking for an approach to wellness and recovery that recognizes the person as a whole.
  • Women who are tired of being tired all the time.  Women who want to connect with their families as mothers and wives, and who are willing to take the steps needed to be an active, healthy role-model for her children.
  • Adults who don’t want to take pain pills to manage their pain because they are afraid of becoming addicted, who feel there is a better and healthier way to feel good in their bodies, and who prefer a natural solution for their pain. 
  • Active adults who want to feel good in their bodies without relying on injections or unnecessary surgery.
  • People who are self-motivated and eager to learn what they can do to help themselves. 
  • Women who know they must care for themselves to have the stamina, energy and ability to care for their families, but may need some guidance in the process.  
  • People who have had an injury or trauma in the past, regardless of how long ago, that isn’t completely resolved.
  • Parents who don’t want to just sit and watch their children from the sidelines; they want to be in on the action of climbing, biking, running, jumping, getting on the floor, and playing with their children.  
  • Women suffering from incontinence, painful intercourse, prolapse, menstrual pain, endometriosis, painful breast scars, pelvic tears or scars, IBS, infertility or pelvic pain who want a conservative approach to feeling better

A Note from Justine Calderwood, Specialist Physical Therapist

“I’ve been in your shoes.  Not really missing out on any particular activity, but dealing with constant, nagging pain and tension that had a way of sucking the enjoyment out of my life.  Constant pressure and ache in the form of daily, unrelenting headaches and muscle tension in my shoulders and neck.  Pain that even trickled down to my low back, and demanded attention, making it hard to ignore while working, spending time with family and friends, and even when vacationing.  I worried that it would never go away and I lost hope because the physicians, specialists, medications, injections, over the counter meds, rest, exercise and stretches, and even dental work didn’t help me.  I finally discovered a gentle, hands-on approach that started unraveling years of restriction, tension and pain and uncovering the root cause of my issue.  That’s when things started to change! And that’s why I’m passionate about helping you.  I want you, too, to feel great, get the most out of your life and not be worried by your pain.”

~Justine Calderwood, MSPT

Jess’ Testimonial

``I became terrified to go to regular physical therapy. Having an extremely painful degenerative condition, it usually caused more pain, and most of the time more damage. Justine has a very gentle hands-on approach. She makes you feel really comfortable and safe, which for me is a huge thing, because physical therapy for me was scary. `` ~Jess

Our main focus in on helping you get back to the things you enjoy doing
​or the things that you need to do on a daily basis.
We want you to enjoy your life and feel good in your body!

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