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5 Excuses that Are Stopping Women To Invest Their Time and Money Into Their Health And Solving Issues Down Below

What’s stopping you from finally investing time and money into your women’s health? Let’s take a closer look at some common excuses I have heard over the years at my Women’s Health Physical Therapy Practice. Do you keep telling yourself the same?

Excuse #1 “I’ll just wait a little longer and see”

If you have pelvic or back pain, have you said to yourself “I’ll just wait a little longer and see…” What have you done so far to try to fix it?

Maybe you’ve stretched. You went to the gym to work out and get stronger. Maybe you’ve scoured the internet for an answer but Dr. Google let you down.

Go ahead….I’ll wait while you think about all the things you’ve tried to fix it on your own.

Now….how did that work out for you?

My guess is that if those things were going to work they would have done so by now.

If TIME was going to be the big healer for you, it would have worked by now.

What would it mean to you to get this solved?

I know, you may be thinking that it’s not really stopping you from doing anything. I get it, I hear that a lot, too. Then when we dig a little deeper women tell me their pelvic pain actually is stopping them from enjoying certain things….sex, hiking with their family, getting a good nights sleep (sometimes just because they are worrying about it….), working out like they used to…and the list goes on.

Excuse #2 “I can’t start the treatment or course right now, I have too many expenses”

Is money standing in your way of feeling better?

What is WAITING really costing you, though?

Sure you’ll save some money right now.

But think about how you’re “paying” instead….

  • Peace of mind from actually getting your pelvic or lower back pain fixed
  • Time away from the things you love
  • Having to change your routine because you are embarrassed or afraid to use public restrooms
  • A close and intimate relationship with your lover
  • Avoiding the gym or workouts
  • Having to ask others for help for things you know you could do if you just weren’t in this pain
  • Money wasted on cheaper options that aren’t working (that adds up….)
  • Your dignity
  • Your hope

For less than the cost of ONE treatment session I CAN offer you my expert advice and guidance during my live or self-paced online classes.

I talk DAILY about peeing, pooping and sex because I have a lot of patients and students who are dealing with pelvic floor concerns.

Think I haven’t heard it before? Look, no matter how embarrassing it is or how “weird” you think things are, I bet I’ve heard it before.

Try to stump me and send me an email!

I dare ya

Excuse #3 “It’s not that bad […I guess]”

Are you justifying that maybe you don’t really need help for your pelvic or low back pain by rationalizing it to yourself with things like “It’s not that bad”, “It could be worse”, “I’ll be fine”?

Or how about “I can live with it”?

But, WHY would you want to?

If it’s even causing an ounce of worry, an ounce of pain….why are you settling with waiting until it gets worse?

I’ve seen women with pelvic pain so bad that even inserting one finger into the vagina causes severe pain.

These are women that quite honestly I’ve been surprised can even have sex.

And I am even more in awe that they have had babies. More than one.

“Well, he likes it” referring to sex.

There was one woman who had her husband present for her pelvic assessment and as she squeezed his hand I really felt bad for both of them…

For her because of the obvious pain she was in; I couldn’t even go past inserting one finger about an inch because I was respecting the tightness and restrictions I was feeling.

For him because I felt his mixed emotions about wanting to be intimate with his wife but also not wanting to hurt her during something that should be pleasurable for both of them.

Excuse #4 “I don’t have time”

When it comes to taking care of yourself and getting your pelvic or low back pain fixed, do you have a time problem or a choice problem?

I used to find myself saying “I don’t have time” a lot. That was until a friend of mine challenged me to look at how I was spending my time day in and day out.

I found out I was spending time on things that weren’t all that meaningful:

  •  Watching TV
  • Scrolling Facebook mindlessly
  • Texting friends and getting involved in other people’s issues
  • Answering questions for other business owners within chats and messages who weren’t respecting my time and energy
  • Listening to the radio in the car (when I could have been listening to podcasts or taking the time to reflect on the issues I needed to work out in my business or family life)

What are your time sucks? Take a good look at your days and see if perhaps you have pockets of time that would be best spent taking care of yourself instead.

See if you truly have a time issue or if there’s an opportunity for you to spend your time more wisely.

Do you put yourself on your “To Do List”? Or do you always seem to be taking care of others first?

For me I realized I could find time:

  • In the early morning before anybody else woke up (my favorite time, in fact)
  • In my office during the day
  • On the weekends while my husband helps with the kids
  • At night between supper and bedtime
  • In the car as a passenger (it works for some self care things) and as the driver (being mindful about listening to replay videos and pondering)

Knowledge is powerful, so even if you can’t “do the thing” at the moment, what if you could learn something new that you could apply later on? You could break it down into smaller chunks and still move forward.

What I mean is that you can learn some very valuable information about your pelvic pain or lower back in my ‘Release Your Root’ self-paced program available NOW on-demand.

Even if you can’t spare a full hour of your time every week (there are 6 classes total), you could chunk out the weekly videos and watch it over a week’s time and still move forward, even if you could only spend 10-15 minutes at a time.

Think you can find 15 minutes to spend on yourself every day?

Excuse #5 “I’ll Call Around”

Did you plan to call around to find some help for your pelvic pain or low back worries?

And have you done it?

Did you find the help you were looking for and now you’re 100% better?

If so, GREAT! Good for you, I’m happy you’re still here reading my blog post 🙂

If you meant to, but it got put on the back burner and you really haven’t gotten around to it (or you aren’t 100% better….) now’s the time to DO SOMETHING about it!

Maybe you got busy with the kids?

Or got buried with your responsibilities at work and you are exhausted at the end of your days?

Or any of a number of life’s obstacles side tracked you?

Now’s the time to take the step forward.

I’ve even saved you a call…..I’ve made it really easy to take the next step.

I’d love to have you join my ‘Release Your Root’ Online Program and help you discover what’s going on with your back and how to feel better, all in the comfort of your own home.

Check it out here.

If within the first two modules you don’t feel better then ask me for a refund, no questions asked, and you can feel better knowing that at least you gave it a shot.

One more excuse, probably not THE most common one. But not to be overlooked:

Excuse #6 “My husband told me I have to go somewhere else”

I’ve heard this so many times when it comes to women reaching out to me for help with their pelvic and lower back pain that honestly I’m in shock.

Is your husband really the best person to choose YOUR healthcare provider for YOU?

I mean, I respect my husband and all, but in the 19 years I’ve been married I have yet to allow him to choose my medical providers.

He would probably decline if I asked him. And he certainly hasn’t ever asked to be the one in charge of making that decision for me, regardless of the costs of my care.

Especially when it comes to my pelvic care.

I have never asked him for advice about my choice of:

  • Gynecologist
  • Midwife
  • Primary Care Physician

Or even my:

  • Mental Health Provider
  • Physical Therapist
  • Dentist
  • Optometrist
  • Acupuncturist
  • Chiropractor

If you have I don’t want to shame you, I just want to nudge you a bit so you can find out the reason for deferring your healthcare choices to your husband or partner.

Is it the money? Or do you have a hard time making your own decisions?

Deep down is this more about not trusting yourself?

If it’s a repeating pattern in your life and you often defer your decisions to others, then I encourage you to RUN, NOT WALK to sign up for my ‘Release Your Root’ Online Program!

Because Trusting Yourself is POWERFUL! Healing your pelvic floor issues will be super powerful.

It’s all tied together….your sense of safety and confidence reside in your pelvic area and I’m ready to teach you more so you can tap into that power and start feeling really good about yourself and feeling good in your body!

I know, it might sound “weird”, but trust me, it works.

It comes back to my mission here at The Healing Spot: “To Help Women Heal and Feel Empowered”

NO Excuse, just ACTION, please!

If you’re sick and tired of worrying about and suffering from pelvic or low back pain join me for my Release Your Root Online Program.

You’ll get 6 hours of pre-recorded instruction from me and even a private call to go over your concerns where you can ask me anything and get some expert advice.

And remember, if after 2 weeks of class you aren’t feeling better then I’ll refund your money.

You’re already willing to “wait longer” so I know time isn’t a factor. In 6 weeks your debilitating pain might be even gone…

You may be closer to an answer than you realize.

Let’s navigate this together. Join me for my tried & tested Online Program ‘Release Your Root’ and receive a free private call with me to discuss anything you want.

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