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5 Ways To Maximize Your Treatment

Want to double the benefits of your treatments?

Below I’ve listed 5 things that you can do to squeeze every last drop out of your treatment sessions.


Hydrate well the evening and morning prior to your appointment.

Drink plenty of water. Your tissue will respond to the work more readily if it is a supple as can be, rather than stagnant and dehydrated.


Arrive to your appointment on time and ready to unwind.

Use the time driving to my office to relax and center yourself. Turn the radio off.  Take a few deep, long breaths. Feel your body sitting in the seat.Notice your posture. Notice your hands on the steering wheel. 

How is your emotional state? Do you feel anxious, armored, frustrated, exhausted, joyful, or grateful, etc.?  Just take note of it. 

What do you want to get out of your treatment? Develop a goal for yourself and consider sharing it with me when you arrive.


Check IN during your session.

When you are laying on my table, try to feel my hands and feel your body supported by the table. Soften the tissue where my hands are working. Next, notice how your whole body is being affected by the work.

Bring your awareness inside your body. Scan your entire body, noting where you are tension, tight or painful. Notice areas that you don’t feel at all.  Take deep breaths into them as you say to yourself, “I let go”.

When I reach one of your “sweet spots” that might hurt like hell, resist the urge to mentally escape. Stick with the sensation. Try to describe it….the shape, where it starts and ends, the sensation, does it travel to other areas, how big is it, can you feel UNDER it? 

Sinking into pain sounds counter-intuitive, but it actually helps you get rid of it.  “Feeling is Healing”. Remember that from an earlier email? 


Let Go of All Expectations.

Before you arrive, and again as we begin the session, mentally let go of any expectations. When you attach to a particular outcome you may miss what needs to happen during your session. Attaching to an outcome (like “the pain in my back will go away completely) you miss out on the natural flow of things, and you may miss the “fascial voice” or experiencing what can be a huge breakthrough in your healing process. Sometimes things get worse before they get better, so if you have a particular expectation in mind, you may get discouraged when your back pain worsens BEFORE it goes away or lessens.    


Take a Stroll and an Epsom Salt Bath.

Take a mindful walk to help your brain integrate the changes we’ve made in your posture, leg length, gait, breathing, emotional state, etc. through the work. There will be shifts and these can be better assimilated if your whole body is engaged.   

Additionally, an Epsom salt bath in the evening of your treatment will help to further draw metabolic waste from your soft tissues and ease areas that may have been stirred up by the treatment, speeding your body’s recovery.

Essential oils can help, such as Peppermint or Copaiba to reduce inflammation, or Lavender to support a relaxed nervous and musculo-skeletal system. 

Ask me if you want more recommendations about which essential oils would be useful for you.

Justine Calderwood

The Healing Spot Physical Therapy

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