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9 Reasons You NEED Help From A Postpartum Physical Therapist After Having A Baby

Whether you’re a first time mom or whether this isn’t your first rodeo, there are a LOT of changes that you may be going through in the “4th Trimester” that may leave you with more questions than answers. You’re not alone! 

Many women experience unexpected changes and symptoms after having their baby – including lingering pains, pelvic pressure, aches or weakness – that are brushed aside by many healthcare providers as being “normal after having a baby”.  Well, what if I were to tell you that things that are “common” after childbirth may not necessarily be “normal”, and that you don’t have to just accept that as fact. Help is just a phone call (or a click) away!

Did your birth experience leave you feeling unheard, overwhelmed, sad, angry, anxious, or feeling like you’re “on alert” all the time? 

You may have some underlying birth trauma that is causing your nervous system to be in a heightened state.  Well if this is you, I want you to know that you don’t have to just wait it out to see if time will heal.  We understand that birth trauma can cause a lot of tension and bracing and holding patterns in the body.  This is just one of many reasons you may need to begin seeing a Postpartum Physical Therapist that specializes in helping you feel calm and like yourself again. 

Does your core feel weak and cause you back or hip pain? 

Are you losing time playing and taking care of yourself and your children because of this pain? Maybe it’s making it difficult for you to push a stroller, pick up your laundry basket, sit in your SUV in the carpool line, or even getting a good night’s sleep (is there even such a thing as a new mom??). You don’t have to put up with a weak core, but maybe you just don’t know where to start to feel strong and confident once again. 

 Do you think you might have a weak pelvic floor? 

Some signs of weakness or changes in the pelvic floor are feelings of pelvic pressure, bladder or bowel leaking , bulging in the vaginal area, unstable feelings around the hips/back/pelvis, or just your instinct that things just “aren’t right”.  Another sign it may be time to visit a Postpartum Physical Therapist is if you’re experiencing pain in your lower back,  tailbone, hips or pelvis that doesn’t go away on its own within 12 weeks after having your baby. 

Do you have pain or difficulties with breastfeeding? 

Are you experiencing a painful latch, clogged ducts, recurrent mastitis, or shooting pain from your breasts into your back?  I bet you’re surprised to know that a Postpartum Physical Therapist can you help you with this. It’s true! Any of these issues during breastfeeding  is NOT normal and you don’t have to just grin and bear it, so to speak. 

Do you have an abdominal separation, known as Diastasis Recti? 

You may have a Diastasis Recti if you have any pooching / doming at your belly, if you are concerned that you still look pregnant months (or years) after birth or just feel weak in your mid-section.  Diastasis Recti can be linked to changes in bowel and bladder function, as well, so it can be more than just a cosmetic concern for many postpartum women.  If you want to become active again but feel like you just don’t know where to start, then it’s time to consult with a Postpartum Physical Therapist to help you heal your diastasis.  

Do you have pain with sex? 

Look, this is a real drag if you’re now having pain with sex after having your little one. This can happen after birth – whether your baby was born vaginally or via Cesarean. Tearing in the perineum and vulva areas can cause some scarring and it can cause some insertional pain with sexual intercourse. Believe it or not even scar tissue from C-section scars can wreak havoc on the pelvic area and may be the cause for your pain with intercourse. We recommend seeking out help from a Postpartum Physical Therapist for help, especially if this is a new occurrence since having your baby.  Whether your pain happens before, during, or after intercourse or  with touching, penetration or foreplay, sex should be pleasurable for you! 

Do you feel unexpected or persistent pressure in your pelvis? 

If so, you may have a pelvic organ prolapse. A prolapse is when a pelvic organ (either the bladder, uterus or rectum OR a combination of any of those organs) is no longer supported by the pelvic floor muscles and they start to descend downward in the pelvic space, sometimes even causing some bulging outside the vaginal or rectal openings. A prolapse can feel like something is pressing down or even like something is going to just fall out of your vagina or rectum. Some people describe a prolapse like a feeling that a tampon is sitting at the entrance to the vagina. This can be painful as well, but most often women describe it as being uncomfortable, bothersome and makes them worry that things may get worse with activity.

Have your bladder and bowel functions changed since giving birth? 

Many women are familiar with bladder changes postpartum – things like urinary leaking with coughing, sneezing, running and jumping and jokingly say they have to cross their legs when they laugh so they don’t pee their pants.  Bladder changes can also show up as urgency (needing to get ot the bathroom right NOW!) or bladder frequency (going more often than every 2 hours or feeling an immediate need to urinate after having even a sip of water), incomplete emptying or even a little dribbling. Changes in bowel function may include fecal smearing or leaking, constipation, persistent hemorrhoids, incomplete bowel emptying, pain with bowel movements or even not being able to control or hold gas. These are all common changes postpartum, but again, not anything you need to just learn to live with!  

Did you have a vaginal birth or a C-Section birth? 

Are there any other ways to give birth? Well, it’s our way of saying LOOK, every woman should be checked out by a Postpartum Physical Therapist after having a baby, even if you’re not having any problems, but ESPECIALLY if you’re noticing any of the aforementioned concerns. 

Here at The Healing Spot Physical Therapy we specialize in helping postpartum moms feel healthy, confident and strong again and guide them to a complete postpartum recovery.  If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned earlier we would be honored to talk to you.  Just give us a call or head to our website to Request a free Discovery Session or Inquire about Our Services.  

If you have brought up any of these concerns to your healthcare provider and you’ve been dismissed or simply told “that’s normal after having a baby” and you’re still suffering, please do yourself a favor and seek help from a Postpartum Physical Therapist. You deserve the very best and taking care of YOU means you can better care for your BABY and your FAMILY. 

Want To Talk Things Over With A Postpartum Specialist?

Give us a call at 719-270-1123! If you have a gut feeling something isn’t right and you just need peace of mind we’d be happy to talk to you. Let us be that trusted friend that you can confide in and ask even your most embarrassing questions. We are ready and willing to answer your questions and ease your mind so YOU can feel better.  If we can’t help you we’ll guide you in the right direction of someone who can! 

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