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Essential Oils for Pelvic Health

Maybe only just a few years ago, the phrase pelvic floor, let alone pelvic health, was not even in your vocabulary. But pregnancy and a baby don’t just leave marks on the shape of our bodies and our daily routines, they can reshape how we feel about the area ‘down below’ in terms of health in general.

For me, pelvic health is closely linked to intestinal health and digestive health too. Because if you have for example irritable bowel syndrome or let’s say that sometimes you need a little bit of help to go to the bathroom, or you just need something to soothe your tummy.

In all those areas I always recommend to my patients to look for more natural ways of supporting their body — like essential oils. Essential oils can easily become part of your wellness routine, they’re not necessarily used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent anything. For myself, my family and my patients I always choose the highest quality therapeutic oils made by Young Living because of their seed-to-seal guarantee.

What are my favorite essential oils that support me as a woman?

1.   Tummy Support

To support my digestive system I regularly use the essential oil blend Digize, Peppermint or Lemon that are FDA approved to be ingested.

2.   Good Night Support

Another great essential oil that I use myself, when I just need a little bit of help with sleeping, and I would recommend to you if you’re having the same problems, is Lavender. What has sleeping to do with pelvic health? Getting a good night’s sleep can help with your immune system, it can help you feel more rested and available and present as a mom. If you’ve had a good sleep I also find it easier to deal with those ups and downs of some aches and pains in your body, especially during your post-partum. You can put a drop or two of Lavender on your feet and rub it in, or rub it in the back of your neck or over your heart.

One of my favorite essential oils that work really well for calming and relaxing at the end of a long day is Vetiver. Vetiver to me it’s almost like ‘lavender on steroids.’

3.   Love Massage for the Dragon Lady

Let’s be honest, at least once a month we all feel like Dragon Ladies. For the time we feel like that and to give us a little bit more TLC, Young Living even make a massage oil called Dragon Time. What I would recommend when you have your dragon time, ladies, grab the Dragon Time massage oil and do an I-LOVE-YOU-MASSAGE. I show how to do this massage in my latest video about Essential Oils for Pelvic Health here (at 4:15 min):


Another great oil to be used for women’s health is Progessence Plus. This essential oil blend could be used especially during pregnancy. It contains essential oils like Frankincense, Bergamot, and Peppermint. You can apply Pregessence Plus blend over the ovaries, you can go over to the lower abdomen on each side.

In similar situations, when I want to give myself a little massage or when I feel I need a little bit more support as a woman I personally love and use regularly Clary Sage essential oil for pelvic support, but this is not an oil to be used during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, don’t use anything with Sage or Clary Sage.

4.   Let’s rub it in

I love a muscle rub called Joint and Muscle Balm made by Natures Ultra who partnered up with Young Living. It’s really thick, you can just take a little bit and apply it, where needed. If you’re feeling like you need a little bit around the ovaries, reproductive system, bladder, and lower back. Pelvic issues can often refer to discomfort in the lower back.

One of my favorite creams I also like is Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream. If you are having some pelvic floor issues that come sometimes with clenching, maybe you sometimes feel tight around your buttocks or inner thighs. You can just rub this pain relief cream along the inner thighs or right where you’re needing a little bit more muscular or joint support.

5.   Use Essential Oil-infused Supplements

Using supplements infused with essential oils can help you feel well in your pelvic area too. I really like using a Young Living supplement called Femigen in capsules. There are some other great ones for female help as well but this one, in particular, uses wild yam, as well as some amino acids and the essential oils. Essential oils basically act like a carrier, I would compare it to a  vehicle or truck, in order to get the nutrients into the body. The body recognizes essential oils as natural.

Some of my other favorite essential oil-infused supplements for female health specifically that I would recommend is Cortistop as well as Endogize.

Find out more about using essential oils by watching my classes about essential oils here on my website.

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