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Is It Just A Back Pain or Is It Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Now and then your back is killing you. You pop down a pill or two and carry on as normal. Because back pain is ‘’a normal thing’’ as you age. So goes the common myth.  But what IF your back pain was more complicated than you think? And what IF it’s not as ‘’normal’’ as we think?

Your Body Is Dropping A Hint, Are You Listening?

There are signs of your body that might be pointing to the right cause of your issues that should not be ignored. Because just because something is COMMON it doesn’t mean that it’s completely NORMAL or that you should just get used to the idea that this won’t change and after all, what do you expect after a couple or three kids, perhaps being a bit out of shape and your increasing years top of that…

I work with a lot of people with low back, SI joint and hip pain and you know what I have come to find out? That a lot of them really have issues stemming from the BOTTOM of the back….the pelvic floor. Gasp! And what’s really scary about this is that I know for a fact that there are many more people that are simply unaware of this, who are trying to treat a pelvic floor issue with back stretches and exercises that they think will fix it (because they THINK they’re just weak or out of shape…). The thing is, many women don’t put two and two together that annoying or embarrassing changes with their bowels, bladder, or sexual function have ANYTHING to do with their back or hip; and unfortunately neither do their medical team so these women can get the help they need to solve it.

What If You Are Asking The Wrong Question…

I know some of these people even go to physical therapists or chiropractors or personal trainers or are scouring YouTube for an answer. But if you’re looking for a solution and not really knowing WHAT you really should be searching for (again, answers to pelvic floor dysfunction, not common search terms like “sciatica”, “SI joint pain” and “back ache”) OR if your provider doesn’t know squat about the pelvic floor, they’re going to miss the root of what’s causing your issue.  

You may get a little better, but you won’t see the lasting relief that you really want if they’re not asking some very important questions that differentiate between back issues and pelvic floor issues. That’s why I ask ladies (and sometimes gentlemen too!) embarrassing questions that will help me determine if someone might really have an issue with the pelvic floor instead of ‘’just’’ pain or back pain (…or hip or SI joint pain..).

What Are The Questions You (AND Your Provider) Should Be Asking?

Here they are: Take this informal [FUN] quiz below and find out if your back pain is simply that…or if it might be coming from your pelvis instead.  You’ll know where your pain’s coming from in less than 5 minutes, seriously! Grab a pen and paper and let’s get started!

What’s Your Score?

If you answered YES to 3 or more of the questions, it’s 91% likely that you have a pelvic floor issue. Which means if you try solving it with something like low back or SI or hip stretches, you’re gonna get, well…..frustrated and discouraged and possibly even make things worse.

So you tell me: ‘Is it just Back Pain or is it Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?’

One of the things that really concerns me is that the PTs women are seeing hardly ever ask these 10. simple questions about their pelvic floor.

Now, if you took the quiz and you’re wanting a bit of help, you’re in luck. I have a SOLUTION for you! This is for the ladies. Sorry, gentlemen….while the quiz works for both genders, I honestly only help the ladies with pelvic floor issues.

NOW is the time to find out what’s REALLY going on down there, how BAD it is, and most importantly, what can be done to FIX it!

Justine Calderwood

The Healing Spot Physical Therapy

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