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Oola® La: Your Best Year Yet

Are you ready to create your Best Year Yet? Well, I’m here to help you do it!

First up is starting with a vision and goals. What is it you want to change, create or improve in your life? You’ll need a vision so you can create the road map to get there! I suggest starting with a brainstorming or day-dreaming session.

It’s simple.

Just sit and give yourself some quiet time where you will be uninterrupted. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes then picture where you want to be, what you want to accomplish, or a feeling you want to create in your life. Imagine as many details as you can. If you want a little help with this process, I recommend trying Guided Meditation. My favorites are available for free on YouTube such as The Honest Guys. They have ones on Creativity and Creating Abundance that work well for vision and manifesting.

Next, write it down. Write down as many details as you can in a journal, planner or plain piece of paper. Writing things down helps you be clear on what you want to create in your life. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation; just make a list or write in paragraph form.

I once used sticky notes with a simple message “Only Love Today” to remind myself to check into my thoughts and choose only loving, life-giving words for myself and others. It was my intention to break free from harmful, negative talk. I placed those notes strategically around my house, slapping them onto all mirrors because I didn’t always have pleasant things to say to myself when I looked in the mirror. I also put one on the window above my kitchen sink and one by my computer.

Below you’ll find a Goal Worksheet I created to help you in your quest to improve, manifest or change things in your life. Included are 7 key areas to living a balanced life, according to the Oola® Guys. How do you want each of these key areas to look like over the next year? You may be happy with how things look in the here-and-now. If so, set a goal to keep up the great work. If you’re not happy with how things look right now, imagine how you want things to change ..

Lastly, brainstorm action steps on what you will need to do to reach each goal. Maybe you need some help in an area or two. Who can help you? Having a vision is one thing, but you’ll need action steps to bring your goals to fruition.

Goals Worksheet - contact me if you are unable to view the image

Additional bonus tips to help you reach your goals:

1. Create a Vision Board.

On a posterboard write or cut out words or images that represent your goals. Maybe it’s a place you want to travel to, a certain amount of money or promotional level you want to earn, inspiring words or quotes, or maybe it’s a picture of your family, happy and healthy. Place it in an area of your home where you will see it every day. Stop and take in the images and words and hold positive intentions around your visions. Imagine what it will feel like when you meet your goals.

2. Learn more about an Oola® Life

Oola® is a state of awesomeness, as defined by the OolaGuys, Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl in their book Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World. It’s when your life is balanced and growing in the 7 key areas of life. It’s where the goal areas above are adopted from! Read the book and learn to find true purpose and meaning for your life.

OolaGuys Infused 7 Essential Oils - use to assist with achieving your goals.

3. Oil Up!

Young Living has partnered with Oola to combine the power of essential oils with the simple and life-changing principles of Oola. The Infused 7 kit is a set of essential oil blends that were specifically formulated by Gary Young to help connect on a spiritual and physical level as you pursue balance, take action toward your dreams, and pursue your OolaLife. Apply each of the oils (Faith, Fitness, Finance, Friends, Family, Field and Fun) as you work through the accompanying affirmations and action steps to fulfilling your
most balanced and fulfilling life.

4. Partner Up

Your goals become more powerful and you’ll be held more accountable if you tell someone what they are. Work with a loved one (or several) as you set your goals and check in on each other periodically to see where you’re at. It’s not meant to make you feel guilty if you don’t reach your goal in a specified period of time, but it will give you some accountability to stay on track or adjust things as needed.

5. Check in and Be Flexible

Set your goals and action steps, but don’t be so hardcore that you can’t make changes as needed. You may want to evaluate your goals quarterly or at least halfway through the year to see how your progress is. Put it on your calendar and check in. If you’ve met your goal high-give yourself, tell your accountability partner, and celebrate. Your celebration could be as simple as pausing to recognize your accomplishment or as elaborate as throwing a party or taking a trip. You decide! If you’re not making headway toward your goal, make adjustments. Is your goal too lofty? Are you fearful of taking the necessary action steps? Go back to the drawing board and determine what needs to change so you can make the progress you desire. Maybe you haven’t met your goal entirely, but acknowledge your efforts then determine the new action steps needed to move forward.

6. Post Your Goals

Put your goals in a place where you will be able to see them and review them periodically. Having goals is the start and action steps are your roadmap, but if you tuck them away and don’t visit them again then how will you reach them? Having them in sight will keep them top-of-mind.

There you have it; a solid plan for the year ahead.  I wish you blessings, abundance and balance in 2019!

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Check out my YouTube video on setting goals.
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