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The Turning Point for Incontinence: A Case Study

Recently I had the pleasure to sit down with my mentor, Lynn Shulte from The Institute for Birth Healing to share a case study with her about a patient of mine who had urinary incontinence and low back pain.

We recorded an episode for Lynn’s podcast ‘Birth Healing Summit Podcast’ and it’s now ready for you to take a listen.

We talked briefly about the history of my client, who is a 29-year old female who presents 3-4 months postpartum with complaints of back pain and urinary stress incontinence. She has bad allergies and any time she coughs or sneezes she leaks urine.

A New Moms Challenge: A Battle with Incontinence and Back Pain

During an assessment, I found that she was in an Open Birth Pattern. During the standing prolapse assessment I also found the bladder to be prolapsed and the client lacked a strong pelvic floor contraction. In fact, during the assessment I found that instead of contracting the pelvic floor during a kegel, my client was actually bearing down, the EXACT OPPOSITE of what she thought she was doing!

A Transformation Unveiled

At the most recent follow up session the client was reporting she was doing much better – her bladder had maintained its lifted position (a technique I did based on what I was taught by Lynn) and my client was able to activate her pelvic floor when lying down and while standing – that was a HUGE improvement and gave her the support she needed when coughing and sneezing in order to stay dry!! Her back pain was no longer an issue, either, so all-in-all I am super happy for this client of mine.

Hearing her story unfold on a podcast can be a beacon of hope. If you’re grappling with similar troubles and searching for solace, I invite you to listen to the episode where we unravel her path to recovery.

The Road to Recovery Shouldn’t Be Walked Alone

If after listening you would like some help with your incontinence and/or back pain, I’d be happy to meet with you for a consultation to see if I can help you, too. Simply book a Phone Consultation (by using the button below) and a member of my team will reach out to you and tell you how to set that up!

  • There’s no need for you to continue to have to cross our legs when you sneeze or cough just to stay dry.
  • If you’re dealing with incontinence I know it can be embarrassing and annoying – you may worry you’ll leak a little when you’re being intimate with your partner.
  • You might be hyper-vigilant, wearing black yoga pants and a panty liner at the gym, being sure to empty your bladder before (and sometimes even during) your workouts.
  • Maybe you gave up running or jumping with your toddler and you feel guilty because you can’t be the active mom you always thought you’d be.
  • I bet you wonder whether it’s sweat or urine sometimes and you hope that no one else can smell or see anything if it IS the latter….
  • There are ways to help you, too. And it may be a quick fix like it was for my client in the podcast. It may be more complex, which is okay too. But if you don’t get an outside expert’s help on the subject you’ll never know how bad things are or what can be done to help yourself.

Remember, you don’t have to limit your life to strategies meant merely to ‘stay dry.’

For Practitioners Striving to Deliver Holistic Care

Also, because I’m so passionate about moms everywhere getting the BEST HELP they can, if you are a practitioner and you want to have some very valuable tools to help your clients, too, I HIGHLY recommend Lynn’s courses: The Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body, The Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body and Advanced Treatment of the Postpartum Body. I have taken all three courses and have repeated the Pregnant and Postpartum coursework, too.

I am proud to say I was among the first class to attend Lynn’s signature courses back in 2018 and was one of her first Certified Birth Healing Practitioners. If you are looking for a way to set yourself apart as a healing practitioner (and not just a run-of-the-mill pelvic floor physical therapist), who treats patients as a WHOLE person and not just their pelvic floor, check out Lynn’s offerings. You can find her here: https://instituteforbirthhealing.com/.

As always, thanks for being a part of The Healing Spot Community.

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