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What Can I Do Right After Birth?

I love when moms ask me what they do right after birth – it shows they are thinking ahead and want to be ready to care for their baby. They know that they have to pay attention to their own body in order to have the strength, energy, and mindset to properly care for their little one(s).

Many of my patients have toddlers at home and they’re preparing to welcome baby #2 (or more). But many moms I work with are also first-time moms.

Preparing for Baby

I understand that many of them just want to be ready. With the amount of information we have available at our fingertips these days, it can be a bit overwhelming to know what to do and what not to do!

I would love to give you a little advice on this, if you’re currently pregnant and getting ready to welcome a new baby into your life. You will also benefit from this advice if you’ve had a baby in the past couple of months.

Actually, to be perfectly honest I see moms of all ages and abilities who could really use this information because they aren’t proficient at knowing how to breathe and engage their deep core properly.

Full confession – I didn’t know the importance of this until I did my special training in pelvic floor health. I DID NOT do this after I had my babies 15 and 18 years ago. I wish I had known!

I made this video as part of my Ed Talk Series and I invite you to give it a watch:

What Can I Do Right After Birth?

And How Long Should I Wait?”

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The first steps to strengthening your core and pelvic floor aren’t super sexy exercises like you might expect.

It’s not planks and medicine ball rotations or box jumps.

Starting with the Basics

What it IS is learning how to breathe properly and work your core with the basics. It IS the foundation you need to get to the super sexy, fun workouts you want to be doing.

Or not! lol

Maybe you’re not a “gym rat” – that’s okay!! I work with many moms that simply want to be able to push a double stroller to the park, be able to run across the playground chasing their kids, or hike with their baby in a backpack. That’s super sexy, too!!

No matter your goals or aspirations when it comes to fitness or daily life, it starts with the breath and being able to manage the pressure you’re putting into your abdomen and pelvis.

I hope you find the tips in the video empowering so you can use them during your day.

When you’re lifting your baby in the car seat, picking up your toddler, carrying groceries into the house, or strapping on that cute Baby Bjorn.

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I look forward to helping you feel strong and confident in your body again. See you in class!

~ Justine

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