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Why Didn’t Your Doctor Tell You This?

Don’t you wish someone had told you about pelvic floor physical therapy sooner?

Like, before you saw a handful of different doctors who all did tests and then proceeded to tell you, “I don’t see anything wrong.”

Before you questioned your sanity.

Before you started to believe that maybe the doctor was right and it’s all in your head”?

Before the worry and frustration and helplessness set in.

C’mon. We can do better!

If you had to see doctor after doctor and then resorted to pulling up your sleeves and finding your own solution, and you’re upset about it, read on!

If you did your own Google research to finally get the help you needed for prolapse, pain with sex, urinary leaking, tailbone pain, abdominal pain, painful periods, or any other female issues that pelvic floor physical therapy can help, please watch the video below!

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Help Another Woman by Sharing Your Story

As I urge in the video, help another woman out by sharing your story!

● Tell your doctor what helped so they can give better referrals.

● Tell your girlfriends what you were experiencing so they can also get help!

● Tell your gynecologist, urologist, uro-gynecologist, endocrinologist, psychologist, gastroenterologist—share, share, share.

Let’s work together to help someone else! It might help your neighbor, the lady at the grocery store that you don’t know, your dentist, your mom or grandma, or your best friend.

Write a Google Review, shout it from the rooftops, mail a letter—whatever you need to do so that we can cause a ripple effect and help women around the world feel better, feel more empowered in their bodies, and change the narrative for our daughters, our neighbors, and even people we don’t know.

Your heart will feel good about it!

A Big Thank You to Darlene

I want to say a huge thank you to this lovely patient who shared! Darlene agreed to do a testimonial video, and I’m so proud of her. She wasn’t shy about what she was experiencing prior to coming to The Healing Spot, and I know her story will help many other women.

Share Your Experience

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If you’ve been a student of my online classes, leave a review as well; my mission is to change lives in the treatment room and beyond. Sharing about your experience helps me cast a wider net.

Together we can make a difference :)


P.S. Speaking of online classes… check out my Fit2Be Classes. Now’s your chance to get a stronger core and more confidence in your body. If you’re a woman experiencing back or neck pain or tightness, or a pregnant or postpartum mom who is suffering from prolapse, incontinence, or diastasis, check out these unique online classes. All the details can be found by clicking HERE.

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