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Why Your Pelvis is to Blame

Why Your Pelvis Is To Blame

Are you suffering from lower back, SI joint, hip, pelvic, or groin pain?

The pelvis may be to blame if it’s not moving adequately all the way around.

Your pelvis is made up of three bones fused together: the ilium, ischium, and pubis. It sandwiches your tailbone (sacrum) in the back and meets in the front at the pubic bone. It is common to feel pain in your lower back, sacroiliac joint, or even your hips or groin after pregnancy, childbirth, falls, injuries, car accidents, sports injuries, or postural changes.


Just because this type of pain is common – doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it!

Justine Calderwood, holistic physical therapist, discusses pelvic mobility in relation to common areas of pain in the low back and sacrum. This information is for you.

Whether you’re a woman or a man-

If you’ve had a baby or not-

If you have a spine or hips-

If you walk or hike or do crafts or play with your kids or sleep or ski or do yoga-

If you just want to do those activities;

watch this video to learn more!

Okay, that makes sense, but what about migraines?

Turns out, your pelvis may be to blame for the pain in your head. You have a dural tube that connects up near the top of your spine/base of your head as well as all the way down to your sacrum. With tension in your pelvic floor or an imbalance in your bony spine, the dural tube may be tugged from below causing a migraine. Want a deeper explanation? Click the picture below to access the video.

Looking for a quick migraine release? Try this tip.

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